Trauma Nursing Core Course

The Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) is an intensive two-day program designed to educate nurses in the care of trauma patients.

TNCC is an ENA course and additional information is available Here (External Link). This course is designed not just for Nurses who provide regular care to trauma patients, but also for those who have the desire to expand their knowledge and be more prepared to care for trauma patients who may not frequently present in their clinical setting.

Trauma patients don't exclusivly present to major trauma centers. Many times, they appear at smaller facilities - either by self transporting or due to barriers to access. My passion is to provide this education to Nurses in rural healthcare facilities where critical trauma patients are a high-risk, low-volume population. The more you learn, the more you practice, the better you can care for these patients when they present.

I have had the privledge of being a volunteer for the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) as a contributing author for both the 8th Edition of TNCC as well as the upcoming 9th Edition. My contributions include:

My current teaching engagements are available online at Project Heartbeat (External Link).

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